Suzi Landolphi, LMFT


Suzi Landolphi is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with extensive experience working with veterans. Most recently, she worked as a Senior PATHH Guide at Boulder Crest Retreat (BCR) in Bluemont, Virginia, a privately funded retreat for combat veterans, their families and first responders. Suzi is one of the co-creators of BCR’s signature program called Progressive and Alternative Training for Healing Heroes (PATHH). PATHH is the nation’s first curriculum-based retreat, with eighteen months follow up support, based on the science of Post traumatic Growth (PTG). Suzi’s understanding and expertise on the effects of childhood trauma and how it can create a very unstable adult foundation is a cornerstone of the success of the PATHH program. Research has confirmed that many veterans and first responders with childhood trauma are at a greater risk for PTSD and suicide. Adding more trauma from combat and first responder experiences tips the fragile internal balance of mental and emotional wellbeing. In addition to BCR, Suzi has consulted for The Wounded Warrior Project, Save A Warrior, Veterans 360, The EOD Warrior Foundation, Operation Mend, Team Rubicon and is on the Advisory Board of Merging Vets and Players.  

Early Career

In 2007, Suzi Founded BIG Heart Ranch and Farm (BHR) in Malibu, California where a diverse family of rescued animals help clients of all ages form deep connections and facilitate healing from the effects of trauma. While managing BHR, Suzi also developed an equine therapy model called Horse Inspired Growth and Healing (HIGH) which includes both ground and mounted activities to nurture PTG and holistic wellness. Veterans and first responders can complete the HIGH certification at no cost to them. In addition, she was the first Clinical Director of Alo House Recovery Centers, a progressive strength based, dual diagnosis treatment community with facilities in Malibu and Los Angeles. Alo and Suzi continue to support veterans and first responders by creating new treatment programs housed at a working horse ranch. 

Healing Journey

Suzi began her own healing journey from childhood trauma by participating in Lifesaver’s Wild Horse Rescue gentling program. She continues there as a member of the Board of Directors and co-creator of the Wild Horse Warrior Journey, a unique retreat where veterans and first responders gain therapeutic and wellness practices from gentling wild horses. 

A National Voice

Before becoming a licensed therapist, Suzi received a BA in Theater from Middlebury College and worked as a theater, video and film producer/director. Her volunteer support for people with AIDS and advocacy for safer sex inspired her to open the nation’s first condom store and create a safer sex presentation which she performed at over 1000 college/university campuses and aired on Comedy Central, TBS and other television channels. She has hosted her own television and radio programs in Los Angeles as well as being a frequent guest on national talk shows, including Oprah. She has authored two books published by Putnam.