Guardian Hills is focused on doing our very best to provide quality programs. We presently seek to serve current military men and women, retired veterans and their families.

PTS & Moral Injury Support

Post Traumatic Stress is a complex reaction to complex circumstances and an all too common result of service.

Family & Couple Support

Retreats which will involve Guardians’ partners and families are being planned for the near future. They will involve formats and activities similar to the individual programs, but will be focused on the unique impact of Guardian service on each individual in the relationship.

Horse Inspired Growth and Healing - HIGH

HIGH's mission is to inspire a profound understanding, healing connection and appreciation of the strengths and gifts that come through meaningful partnerships with horses. HIGH helps lessen the impact of mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression and increases the benefits of Post Traumatic Growth.

Equine Therapy Guardian Hills